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Chelsea is a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. It is located on the west side of Manhattan, between 14th and 34th Streets and stretches from the Hudson River to Sixth Avenue. Chelsea is known for its art galleries, trendy restaurants and nightlife, and it is also a popular shopping destination.

The neighborhood is home to the High Line, an elevated park built on an old railroad track, which offers a unique way to experience the city and has become a major tourist attraction. Chelsea is also home to the Chelsea Market, a popular food hall and shopping destination, as well as the Chelsea Piers, a recreational complex on the Hudson River with sports facilities and a marina.

Chelsea is an historic neighborhood, and is home to many beautiful pre-war buildings, townhouses and brownstones, as well as modern high-rise apartments. The neighborhood is also known for its diverse population, with a large LGBTQ community and many young professionals. Chelsea is also home to several world-renowned cultural institutions such as The Whitney Museum of American Art and The Chelsea Art Museum. It's a great location for those looking for a vibrant neighborhood with a lot to offer.